GOTS Tracking portal

The GOTS web portal is a central online service for monitoring your objects equipped with GPS tracking devices. The current positions and trip reports are displayed in detailed map material 24/7. The secured objects status is permanently monitored and the devices can be configured remotely. The unique “Easy-Mode” offers you an intuitive interface, that can easily be expanded according to your individual requirements.


  • Current object positions and trip histories
  • Worldwide map material
  • Individual alerting via Web/Mail/SMS
    • in case of movements outside of operation time
    • in case of unauthorized opening or manipulation
    • when leaving an allowed area
    • when entering a restricted area
    • when shocked
    • in case of missing position reports
  • Reports e. g. tax office conform logbook
  • Detailed configuration of the tracking devices
  • If needed, extensive functions for administration, reports and escalation


  • Live-Tracking: the current position at a glance, always the latest map data
  • High availability: access via your web browser at any time, privacy protection conform operation in a professional data processing center
  • More security: automated alerting in case of theft, real-time tracking of objects, secure storage of all position data
  • More time: automated monitoring, ease of use, no effort for installation and maintenance, remote administration of device configuration
  • Individuality: independent administration and individual rights assignment
  • Easy control: multi-language user interface with „Easy-Mode“ option