SERCAM Lock II is perfectly suited for continuous precise position tracking and monitoring of all mobile objects, machines and containers – with simultaneous protection from manipulation and theft. The integrated power saving technology and very high robustness allow for maintenance-free operation without an external power source for several weeks. With a power source on the other hand, SERCAM Lock II transforms into a flexible assistant for disposition and security. The automated out-of-the-box security solution recognizes any unwanted opening or attempted manipulation on the secured objects. Doing so, the reliable devices also braves wind and weather.


  • securing of doors, gates and seals
  • protection from theft and manipulation
  • monitoring of transports, securing containers
  • disposition assistance, position recording

SERCAM Lock II is particularly suited for continuous, secure lock control and transport monitoring, even in most harsh environments.


  • More security: automatic alarm in case of opening/attempted manipulation, current positions at a glance, very high reliability
  • More time: automated monitoring, quick installation, easy-to-use
  • High flexibility: individual configuration  of alert rules of action, easy to attach via magnetic clamps or screws
  • Real innovation: latest GPS-/GSM-technologies, special power-saving and safety technologies, high robustness
  • Unique combination of:
    • small case with discrete design
    • tamper-proof special chain
    • very long useful life without power supply
    • extremely robust construction
    • recharge ability and long lifetime


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